"Your executive chef is awesome--the salmon I had last night was oh so yummy.  The Best! And Travis was amazing.  What an awesome dining experience.  

"What you do is so impressive.  I am going back to Iowa with a big smile on my face.  You have made a memory for me!"

                          Chris P
                           Cedar Falls, Iowa


Sunday 8-2
Tavern is closed on Sundays. Beverage service available in Dining Room.
Mondays - Closed 
Tuesdays - 11-3
Wednesdays - 11-8
Thursday 11-7
(Weekly Buffet 4-7)
Friday 11-8
Saturday - 11-3

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Reservations, Call

If you just want a light snack or a refreshing beverage after your game, the tavern is open through early evening for your enjoyment.  Join your friends and neighbors for our regular "Happy Hours."

And if you're planning a party or a get together with your hobby or social club, you can reserve one of two private rooms and even ask the chef to prepare something special for your guests.

The Chesapeake Bay Grille at the Arlington Ridge retirement community is one our residents' favorite amenities.  One visit and you'll quickly understand why our community restaurant and pub truly helps make Arlington Ridge the next generation in great Florida retirement living.

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When You Live At Arlington Ridge, You Can Have A
Great Day Or Night Out Right In Your Own Neighborhood.

When you live at Arlington Ridge, dining out can mean dining in at your community restaurant--The Chesapeake Bay Grille.  The Chesapeake Bay Grille, open to the public, offers delicious lunch and dinner offerings to residents, golfers and visitors outside of our community who have heard about our excellent dining room and pub.

For lunch, choose either the quiet elegance of our main dining room (shown in the above photo) or the casual fun of the adjoining pub room.  Our menu features a wide selection of small plates, salads and sandwiches, plus special offerings throughout the week.

In addition to lunch daily, the Chesapeake Bay Grille offers dinner nights three evenings per week, featuring a variety of special offers from our chef, plus our regular light dining menu also featured at lunch.
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Wine & Dine At Your Community Restaurant

The Chesapeake Bay Grille At Arlington Ridge